Bathroom Remodel

When most people consider their dream bath remodel, they think about the end result: dazzling new features, a more cohesive design, and gorgeous touches of personal style. But the final look isn’t all that counts—the remodeling process is important, too. And for stunning renovations done with zero stress, less time, and minimal cost, homeowners throughout turn to Matrix Bath Systems!

In as little as a single day, our bath remodel pros can have your stunning new bathroom finished and ready for full-body relaxation, whatever your bathing preferences might be. Let yourself enjoy bath time again by selecting one of our top-notch bathing products and services:

  • Replacement Tubs
  • One-Day Baths
  • Bath Wall Surrounds
  • Bathroom Contractor

Beautiful New and Replacement Baths for Any Home

Are you bored of soaking in the same bath you’ve had for decades? Are yellowed walls and chipped tiles taking away from your weekly relaxation session? Then it’s time for a new bathtub from Matrix Bath Systems! Whether you want a traditional tub-shower combo or an easy-access walk-in tub, our baths are built for long-term enjoyment at fair and affordable prices. Best of all, our replacement tubs can be installed in as little as just one day!

Get Your Dream Bath Remodel in Just as Little as One Day

When you remodel your bath with Matrix Bath Systems, you can forget about the stress and expense so common to bathroom renovations. Because we custom fabricate our baths and attach them with exclusive adhesives, our installations are guaranteed to fit flawlessly and permanently seal out water—all without requiring heavy demolition or weeks of labor. Call us today to learn how we can transform your home with our hassle-free one-day baths!

Say Goodbye to Heavy Cleaning With Mold-Fighting Acrylic Wall Surrounds

If hours of scrubbing and scouring have become your weekly reality, Matrix Bath Systems is here to make your life easier—and your bathroom more attractive! By adding bath wall surrounds to your bathtub remodel, you can forget about frustrating cleaning and persistent mold growth. Imbued with the mold-fighting technology of Microban® and customized to your styling preferences, our acrylic wall systems are both beautiful and effortless to maintain.

Remodel Your Bathtub With Our Floor-to-Ceiling Renovation Pros!

At Matrix Bath Systems, we realize that home improvements can be a serious stressor on your family, and we’ve done everything we can to minimize the cost and hassle of your bathroom remodel. By working with our bathroom contractors, you’ll enjoy:

  • Detailed, all-inclusive, and upfront price quotes
  • Easy renovations done in as little as one day
  • Flexible financing options, including 0 interest for 84 months
  • Limited lifetime warranties

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If you’re ready to see how Matrix Bath Systems can enhance your bathroom’s style and durability in just as little as a day, give us a call to learn more about our bath remodel services! To start with a free detailed quote from our local bathroom remodeling contractors, complete our brief online form now.