Bath Wall Surrounds

There’s nothing quite like a beautiful, well-maintained bathroom, where one can relax and unwind with a long, hot bath or a refreshing shower after a long day. However, bathrooms are notoriously hard to maintain—especially in older home constructions and .are often in need of a good cleaning, repairs, or a full makeover.

If you’re considering an upgrade for your bathroom space, a full renovation might not be in your current plans. Instead, a bathtub installation company like Matrix Bath Systems can offer plenty of options to update your bathroom dramatically with wall surrounds and bathtub liners—without the cost or hassle of a complete remodel.

At Matrix Bath Systems, we’re always excited to reveal the benefits of a quick, cost-effective acrylic wall system makeover. In this article, we’re going over the amazing benefits of an acrylic wall system upgrade, and how this easy and affordable upgrade can rejuvenate your bathroom space.

What is an Acrylic Wall System?

If you plan on upgrading your bathroom with a bathtub replacement, you might also want to consider installing acrylic tubs surrounds to really make a difference to your space. Essentially, acrylic tubs surrounds are seamless, custom-fit wall-replacements that easily fit onto your bathroom’s walls. The way the surrounds are designed make cleaning them easy and hassle-free, and the strong, durable acrylic materials are designed to prevent leaks, chips, and cracks.

Superior-quality acrylic bath wall surrounds are engineered with advanced Microban technology to resist the growth of mold, mildew, and microbes. These type of wall surrounds are also recommended by any expert bath remodeler because of their durability and strength. They’re also highly recommended for the wide variety of beautiful designs available that perfectly suit any bathroom style and décor theme.

Why Acrylic Wall Systems?

Many professional bath remodelers recommend acrylic wall systems over tile or other materials used on bathroom walls for several important reasons. Below are some of the advantages of acrylic wall systems:

  • No intensive regular maintenance required: Unlike tiled wall surrounds, you don’t have to worry about needing to constantly maintain and prevent unpleasant cracking of tile grout and growth of mold and mildew. If you have tiles installed, regular scrubbing and grouting each year may be needed to keep them in their best condition.
  • Less Expensive: Compared to tiled wall surrounds, acrylic wall systems are less expensive and practical as they can last for years with virtually no maintenance effort.
  • Easy to Install: Acrylic wall systems are easier and faster to install compared to tiles which involve a more complicated process.

Your Trusted Bath Remodeler

Matrix Bath Systems is not just an acrylic wall system installer or a bathtub installation company. In fact, our company can perform all sorts of bath remodeling services, including the following:

  • Bathtub ReplacementIf your old unit is unattractive, leaking, or warped, it might be time to consider our durable and low-maintenance acrylic tubs as bathtub replacement.
  • Replacement Showers: You can still enjoy a relaxing bath while freeing up space in your bathroom with our space-efficient and luxurious replacement showers.
  • Walk-In Tubs: Do you have a family member with mobility issues? Are you preparing for independent living in your golden years? If so, accessible walk-in tubs are the perfect option for maximum convenience and security against falls and slips.
  • Bath Conversions: If your bathroom doesn’t fit your lifestyle, transform your bathroom into something that suits you with our tub-to-shower conversion or shower-to-tub conversion.

As a trusted bath remodeler, we see to it that we only provide the highest level of customer satisfaction with top quality products and professional services offered at reasonable rates. Moreover, we offer manufacturer warranty and flexible financing options.

If you want to learn more about our offerings and get professional advice from one of our experts, simply call or email us for a free consultation. You may also fill out this online form to receive a no-obligation, in-home estimate at no charge.