Bathroom Remodeling Company for Plainfield, IL

Is your bathroom outdated or just not providing the functionality you need? Our Plainfield bathroom remodeling professionals can transform your bathroom in as little as one day! Matrix Bath Systems provides affordable solutions for any size space. Whether you want a new look, a different layout, or an accessible solution, our team of talented designers and certified installers can help! We offer a full line of top-rated bath products, including:

  • Replacement tubs
  • New Showers
  • Bath Conversions
  • Walk-In Tubs

Affordable Replacement Tubs

Don’t put off a tub replacement because you think it’s too expensive. We can install a beautiful replacement tub for a fraction of the cost of a traditional Plainfield bathroom remodel. Our tubs are made from durable acrylic that won’t chip, crack, or stain. Plus, they are infused with Microban technology to repel mold and mildew and eliminate the need for daily scrubbing.

Stylish New Showers

Can we really install a replacement shower in just one day? Yes! Our innovative processes allow for an efficient installation. Each shower is custom fabricated based on detailed measurements to ensure a perfect fit. Many beautiful style and color combinations are available, so it’s easy to find a shower with just the look you want.

Plainfield Bath Conversions

Do you wish you had a tub to make it easier to bathe the kids? Do you have a tub that you never use? In either case, our fast, affordable Plainfield bath conversions can make the best use of your space and provide the functionality you need. We complete every transformation using the footprint of your existing tub or shower. This allows us to finish your project quickly, so you can start enjoying your new bathroom sooner!

Accessible Walk-In Tubs

If you or someone in your home has limited mobility, safety in the bathroom is an important issue. Our walk-in tubs provide a safer bathing experience with features such as grab bars, a built-in seat, and easy-to-reach controls. Our walk-in tubs also boast soothing whirlpool jets—proving that safety and luxury can coexist in one beautiful tub!

Learn More about Plainfield Bathroom Remodeling

Contact our Chicago bathroom renovation experts to learn how easy and affordable it is to get quality updates. Give Matrix Bath Systems a call to speak with a member of our team, or fill out our online contact form to schedule your free, no-obligation design consultation.